In the press today

C21 Asten is back on the front pages of Tenerife´s newspapers and with an exclusive interview with our broker Anton Sorokko.

The spring is here

March is here, and we are proud of Elfida for her first notary signing at Asten! Well done and many more to come!! Big thanks to Marcelo for your tailor-made training that provides solutions to achieve success in our work! Our colleagues Alice, Anna, Artem, Rumia and Victor signing Deeds at the Notary, our human resources director Victoria organizing a Safari tour around the C21 Asten listings with the whole team, the novices Diego and Lucinda attending the training in Santa Cruz, Marco participating in the Carnivals, and Guillermo enjoying his well-deserved vacation in Mexico! It’s great to be part of the team!

The first golden jacket of the year

The first golden jacket of the year and the first Notary in February! Congratulations to Nathalie for your first sale in Asten and to Emmanuel and Maria for the signing! French, Belgium and Italian owners, Check, Lithuanian and Russian buyers. The south of Tenerife can’t be more international !

The best office in Century21 Spain in 2014, 2015 and... in 2016 !

Our office becomes the No. 1 office in Century21 Spain for the third consecutive year! Thanks to all our clients for the trust you put in our company! Thanks to our 3 Centurion award winners Artem, Marcelo and Victor, our 2 Diamond award winners Anna and Guillermo, as well as everyone in Century21 Asten team! Your hard work and professionalism in everything you do made us the best office in Spain! An incredible achievement given the level of the other 54 Century21 offices in Spain! Honored. Proud. Grateful. And very very pleased.

Lisbon Coliseum 11.02.2017
Century21 Iberia Convention

Good news

During four consecutive months the number 1 in Century21 Spain. A spectacular final chord of the year 2016 with two of our consultants Victor Valverde and Art Popov leading the Top 3 spanish agents´ rankings in December! Proud of all the great C21 ASTEN team! Big hand to Mercedes, Emmanuel, Marco, Marcelo, Victor, Artem and Anna for this week´s notaries!

Double hat-trick in the beginning of the year!

The first hat-trick of the year on Friday, and the second one on Monday! This team don’t stop! Congratulations to Daniel, Artem, Victor, Marcelo, Marco y Guillermo!

Last Title Deed signing of the year 2016 and the first one in 2017

Congratulations to Artem and Rumia for the last signing in 2016, and to Marcelo for the very first signing in 2017 and for being the 3rd best agent in Spain in November!
At our first team meeting in 2017 our consultants Emmanuel y Anna have shared what where the key factors to their last year success! All of you are examples to follow!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017!

Dear friends!
We wish you a merry Christmas, and a very happy New Year!
Health, wealth, love and joy to all of you in 2017!
Thank you for having chosen us as your real estate agents!

Corporate Dinner New Year´s Eve 2016

A night to remember!
Our third Christmas dinner with the C21 ASTEN awards of 2016. Fabulous company, exquisite food, the joy to be part of this great family!
Big hand to our nominees:

- The Best Growth of the Year!

- The Determination of the Year!

- The Rookie of the Year!

- The Quality Man of the Year!

- The Head Hunter of the Year!

An honor to be part of this team!
Thanks to ALLl!!!

Merry Christmas!

We begin the Christmas eve with the Title Deed signings of Anna, Guillermo and Daniel. There are colleagues who follow their targets whatever it takes and whatver happens. Well done champions!

# To be the Best be with the Best

We made it happen.
Here and now Alexey with a tailor-made course for C21 ASTEN. Fantastic motivation for the winner team 2016!

# 1

Wow! Wow! Wow! You have left us speechless!
Three C21 ASTEN consultants take the Spanish Top3 in October! We repeated the May 2015 when we took the top three podium spots! Congratulations to Guillermo for his Number 1! A big hand to Svetlana and Daniel for the spectacular debut in the ranking!
Thanks to all the team for taking C21 ASTEN to Number 1 in October and for recovering the 1 position in the accumulated yearly rankings!! WELL DONE!!

Busy week with a Black Friday!

This week there was hardly a day without a visit to the Notary!
The first signing of our consultant Svetlana, our first sale to client from Africa (Senegal), some new marketing tools for the office, the Black Friday´s super offer and, of course, an invitation accepted by a Top Coach!
This week the C21 ASTEN´s SCHOOL OF REAL ESTATE BUSINESS is pleased to announce the visit of a coach ALEXEY VOLOKHOV to present a training EXCLUSIVELY for the C21 ASTEN team with his STAR COURSE “Growing Yourself and Growing Your Business in the Age of Constant Change”. Directly from Moscow to spend a day with our team! A free course for all our consultants.

GOAL CANARIAS 3rd quarter 2016

Spectacular GOAL CANARIAS of the 3rd quarter! Anna is the 3rd best consultant on the islands! Our pride!!

The golden family grows!

More C21 Asten consultants with their Golden Jackets! Congratulations to Alice Paolini, Svetlana Morozova y Elfida Kassymova for their first sales @ Asten! With examples like Maria Simane, Anna Severinova y Marcelo Gomez, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE! Well done everyone!!

Saturday at the volcano

Magnificent escape to the volcano Teide! Argentitian BBQ, Spanish wine, Canarias potatoes, multi international team, and the sole brand – Century21 ASTEN! Big thanks to Marcelo Gomez y Guillermo Minervini for the spectacular meat, and to all the team for the best company! An event to remember!

Adios September!

Leaving the month of September with a very good aftertaste! =) The birthdays of our dear Anastasia and Guillermo and the successful signings of our colleagues! And yet another sale to chineese clients! Bravissimo Daniel!

C21 Asten Business School

They say “when you stop studying and learning, you stop growing.” Personal and professional growth are fundamental for our company. That´s why we launch the new model of our internal training – С21 Asten School of Real Estate Business. Today, during the first week of training, we conducted a SAFARI tour of 10 hottest properties that our agents presented to each other. When you receive a new property to sell, you first client is your colleague at the office! She/he may have a buyer looking for a product exactly like that! It is important that your colleagues know well the properties you offer.

The Century21 Asten family every day gets more international!

At the weekly team meeting we welcome four new Century21 Asten members, and are giving the golden jacket to Daniel for his first sales!! Success to Nathalie, Alice, Javier and Marco Antonio! Congratulations to Daniel!

Congratulations Julio!

Great day for our consultant Julio Moncada! The golden jacket has finally arrived to find his owner! Congratulations with the first sale at Century21 Asten!

Webinar with CENTURY21 RUSSIA

This morning our broker Anton Sorokko was invited by CENTURY21 RUSSIA to speak on-line with 43 C21 franchise owners in Russia in a video conference / webinar with Moscow. Sharing experiences, ideas and strategies. We hope to do lots of business with C21 Russia!

We love Mondays!

Another hat trick at the Notary office in the morning and the afternoon training on how to make your property look great on pictures, delivered by a great professional. We love Mondays! =)


At the second GOAL CANARY ISLANDS we are congratulating our team for the results!
Victor Valverde – the best agent in the Canaries in terms of volume and the number of sales!
Marcelo Gomez – the second best in volume and the second best in the whole SPAIN in the month of June!!!
Congratulations to both and to everyone in Asten super team!

Welcome to Asten Terrazas del Duque!

Our second office in Costa Adeje is now officially open! Thanks for all your emails, visits, kind words and congratulations! )

You are invited!

Dear colleagues, partners, clients and friends of our company! Please be invited to the grand opening of our second office in Costa Adeje that will take place next Friday, 24th of June, at 19:00 at Terrazas del Duque!

Another hat trick!

As you well know we love Wednesdays, and since today we love Fridays as well! Another hat trick of signings at the Notary in Arona this morning!!! Well done DREAM TEAM! Congratulations to Victor Valverde for two signings, to Graziella Belmonte, to Marcel Gomez and especially to Diego Montano for his very first Notary together with his sweetheart of a daughter! Happy weekend!!

Company dinner

The traditional company dinner to mark the results of the first 4 months of the year! Fantastic evening with excellent people! Thanks to every member of this gorgeous team! Without a doubt, THE BEST PLACE TO WORK in the South of Tenerife!

What a May!

Can we think of a better way to end up the month?
The “golden jacket” to our consultants Emmanuel Montero, Marco Volpini and Diego Montano for their first sales in C21 Asten! Welcome to the Golden Club guys!
Victoria´s birthday with a delicious cake!
The very first Notary with a Chinese buyer perfectly done by our magnificent Mercedes Ojeda!

Our new office in Costa Adeje

At your service starting today! Our second office is now open at Terrazas del Duque in Costa Adeje. Purchase, sale, consulting, paperwork, property management.

GOAL CANARIAS 1 quarter 2016

It´s a pleasure to come back from the Century21 Canarias event, celebrated last week in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, with the award for the #1 Agency in sales during the first quarter of the year. Many thanks for these results to our team and to our clients for their trust. Artem Popov is the #2 and Graziella Belmonte is the #3 in sales volume among 215 agents working at Century21 in the Canary islands. Congratulations to both!

Collaboration day

Today is the collaboration day! A sales contract with C21 Urbecan from La Orotava & a signing at the Notary with C21 Capital from Santa Cruz. Congratulations colleagues!

How do lobsters grow?

The work of a real estate agent has never been easy. Sometimes you feel a lot of pressure and stress. This is a good moment to remember a lobster. Do you know how lobster grows? A lobster has a soft body, but lives inside of a rigid shell. That rigid shell does not expand. As the lobster grows that shell becomes very confining. The lobster feels himself under pressure and uncomfortable. He goes under the rocks to protects himself from predatory fish, casts off his shell, and produces a new one. Eventually that news shells also gets small, the lobster gets under pressure and returns under the rocks. During his life the lobster repeats it several times. What lesson can a real estate agent take out of the life of a lobster? The lesson is simple: the times of pressure and stress are also the times of growth. Both personal and professional growth. Good luck to all real estate lobsters!

…Having fun at today´s team meeting )) before the warm welcome to our second coordinator Dejana and our new consultant Elfida.

A hat trick!

Today we are living up a HAT TRICK of signatures at the notary of Playa de las Americas! Many congratulations to Guillermo, Marcelo, Anna, Mercedes and Artem! A pleasure to see five colleagues signing at a time! =))

Adios Coca-Cola! Hola C21 Asten!

South Motorway TF-1, Fañabe, Costa Adeje

Very soon at your service in Terrazas del Duque, Costa Adeje!

Getting ready for the grand opening of our second office.

New challenges. New strategies.

The evolution of the company year after year puts new challenges, when the question “How to be the number one team?” transforms into “How to stay at the top?”, “How to remain a winning team?”, “How to improve the excellent results of the last year?”

During the training today, we reveal the 5 key points on how to build a winning team and a winning company. Here is one of them – Commitment.

Thanks for your support and unanimity team. It is very inspiring!

And congratulations from all our team to Artem to taking the TOP spot in the Century21 Spain ranking in February!!

Company strategy 2016

The historic meeting on February 29th. We are happy to announce the opening of our second office in Costa Adeje. We congratulate our coordinator Anastasia with her promotion to Financial Director of Century21 Asten. We restructure the company and introduce a second coordinator, and a new position in Asten Century21 – Director of Operations that will be taken by Bogdana. We present our new consultants Daniel, Marco and Alexandra! And last, but not the least, give a big hand to the last signings at the Notary to Maria Simane, Andrea Kern and Artem Popov!

The golden family grows!

These weeks we are celebrating the presentation of the Golden Jackets to our consultants Robbie, Mercedes and Caroline (and her to-be-born baby) for their first sales in Century21 Asten. A pleasure to watch the golden family grow! And also give our congratulations to Andrea Kern for her SECOND spot in the national Century21 ranking in January! Bravo!!

Yes! We did it again! Century21 ASTEN - # 1 in Spain 2014 & 2015 !

Century21 Iberia Convention.
Casino Estoril, Lisbon, Portugal, 30/01/2016.

Great day for the team of Century 21 ASTEN!
For the second time in a row we are ranked the best office in Century 21 Spain!
Just like last year, in 2015 we also repeat our second rankings in Century21 Iberia (Spain and Portugal)!

Our consultants have received one Ruby award, three Esmeralda awards and two top Century21 awards – Centurion.
Artem Popov named best consultant in Century21 Spain in 2015!
Anastasia Rodionova – the best coordinator in Century21 Spain in 2015!

An incredible team! The absolute champions!
Proud to work at Century21 ASTEN !!!

Winding up the year

We are winding up the year with the congratulations to Victor Valverde for his second place in the national ranking in December, as well as nominating Marcelo Gomez to the best Team Leader in our company in 2015! Staring from January we have two new Team Leaders – Maria Simane and Guillermo Minervini. Success to both you and your teams! Also, it is pleasure to announce that our office in Las Americas was visited by the broker of our partner Century21 office Jorge Perez to sign the first collaborating sale between the two agencies.

Merry Christmas and Happy 2016!

Dear friends! We wish you a happy Christmas, and a prosperous 2016 filled with peace and love! Thank you for being with us!

Leading the rankings in November

Congratulations to all the Century21 Asten team for the brilliant results of the month of November! We are proud of our consultant Maria Simane who scored second in the national ranking of Century21 Spain!!

Christmas dinner 2015

Spectacular corporate Christmas dinner! Good wibe, exquisite food, funny games and awards of the year. Thanks to every member of the Century21 Asten team for making part of the company and for our success in 2015!

Winding up November

Great month for our consultant Guillermo Minervini. He receives the “golden” jacket for his first sale at Century21 Asten! Congratulations! New Title Deeds signed, and sometimes the Notaries open up at 21:00 for Century21 Asten’s clients! Strategic planning in Barcelona and training in Tenerife. Clear mission. Clear vision. Honest and effective leadership. Results.

GOAL III - Century21 Canarias

Overall success at the Century21 Canaries big event in Las Palmas. The number 1 office in revenues in the 3rd quarter of 2015. Victor Valverde – the best consultant in the Canaries. Artem Popov – Top 2 consultant in turnover. Marcelo Gomez – Top 3 consultant in transactions. Training for consultants and managers. An unforgettable dinner. Congratulations to all our great team!

Moving ahead!

The Century21 Asten team. Moving ahead! New projects. New consultants. New sales.

Century21 Asten. A company that supports art

Century21 Asten is one of the proud sponsors of the ART EXHIBITION held by TEN DIEZ MOVEMENT these days at the Hotel Baobab Suites 5*****, Calle Roques Del Salmor, 5, Costa Adeje, Tenerife. 40 artist are displaying their photography, pictures and sculptures here from the 3rd of October until the 14th of November 2015. What makes this event even more special for us is that one of the artist is our dear client who completed the sale of this property at the Notary in July 2015.

Victor Valverde and Artem Popov are the leaders in the national rankings Century21 in August 2015!

The August rankings have arrived, and our agency marks another record of operations with two consultants Victor and Art getting to the podium of the best consultants in Spain. Well done for your top ranking Victor! It is also a special pleasure to congratulate Art with getting his CENTURION – the ultimate award in Century21 – in only 8 months of this year and being the first to get it in Spain! Congratualtions champion! Congratulations to the whole Century21 Asten team for delivering the top service to all their clients!

That is the quality service!

If necessary our consultants will travel anywhere to sign the Title Deed. Marcelo Gomez taking a plane to the island of La Palma to meet the Notary and complete the sale.

First meeting in September

Lots of fun during the training during the exercises on building relations & empathy. Warm welcome to our 3 new team members – Julio, Eugenio y Robbie.

A day in life of Century21 Asten.

10:00 – Warm welcome to Caroline, our new french agent on the team.
13:00 – General meeting, role play and motivation coaching.
20:00 – Traditional dinner to celebrate the mid-year results.
We love this job!
We love this company!

Perfect beginning of the month!

We start up the month of August with the signings of Title Deeds by our veteran agents, meanwhile the new agents make their first property searches! Like it!

Century21 Asten's new look

Find us on Golden Mile in Las Americas!

Back to school. 3 days in the classroom.

This week in Santa Cruz de Tenerife was held the first module of the course CREATE C21. Our new consultants were lucky to get the best education in real estate! CREATE C21 is an internationally recognized training course.

Big thank you!

Century21 Asten would like to thank its clients for trusting the buy and sell of your properties to our company. Without all of you we won’t be in the top position in Spain in June! Congratulations to Artem Popiv for his #1 ranking in the national list second month in a row! Bravo!

Resounding success of Century21 Asten in GOAL Canarias 2015 event

Past July 14 we had the opportunity to enjoy and share a wonderful day with the Century21 Canarias in the building of the Chamber of Commerce of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
The trainer Bruno Torres shared with the audience of more than 140 real estate consultants all his knowledge and experience of over 17 years in real estate.
We could also learn more about communication and emotional intelligence thanks to the excellent presentation of the coach Priscilla Gonzalez.
And how could it be otherwise, the great Carlos Rentalo, marketing manager Century21 Iberia, shared strategies and new of the brand for the rest of the year.
As usual in these events Century21 brand delivered quarterly awards to consultants and agencies with higher sales. Century21 Asten collected several individual and collective awards, including the agency with the largest quantity of transactions and the agency with the highest volume of sales!

Asten video 2015

Kick-start the summer 2015

We are starting the summer with two very important events: giving the golden jacket to our consultant Miguel Angel to celebrate his first sale with Century21 Asten! Congratulations, Miguel Angel! And welcoming three new members of our team – Alessandro, Carlos y Sigrun! Welcome on board, guys!

You are a real estate agent and ready to start a new phase in your professional life? Join the best. In 2015 this wall can have YOUR distinctions. Call 606 711 989 for an interview. Spanish is a must.

Century21 Asten consultants ocupy all the 3 top places in national rankings in May!

Artem, Graziella and Victor. No words can express my emotions to see three members of out team occupying the podium of Century21 Spain in May! There are 30 offices in the country. 300 real estate agents working with a business card that holds the Century21 logo. And the three absolute best of all these professionals are from Century21 Asten! I feel proud and honored to have the three of you in the team! Thank you.

A busy week!

Busy week delivering recognition to Artem Popov for achieving the top numbers in 1st quarter rankings, a super special “Centurion Producer” diploma signed by the President of Century21 World Wide Rick Davidson and the Centurion golden badge to Victor Valverde, wishing a happy birthday to Graziella Belmonte and welcoming Rafael Tarajana to train our new staff member Victoria Ermantovich who will be responsible for the recruitment, training and integration of the new consultants to the Century21 Asten team. This new position will strengthen the structure of our company to optimize its growth in terms of quantity and quality. We wish you success with Asten, Victoria!

Century21 Asten in the largest airport of the Canary Islands!

Today Century21 Asten launches a massive publicity campaign in the arrival zone of the South Airport in Tenerfe – the biggest airport in the Canary islands. 9 mln passengers a year, 750.000 passengers a month, 25.000 a day will see our ads with the best properties on the island. The video repeats itself every 2 minutes on all the baggage belts 24 hours a day. Do you want to sell your property faster? Still have doubts which agency to work with?

Our broker Anton visits Century21 offices in Portugal

Fantastic reception by the Century21 offices in Albufeira, Lisbon and Montijo. A great chance to share ideas and learn from the TOP offices in Portugal.

Corporate dinner of Century21 Asten

Fantastic traditional company dinner to celebrate the achievements of the first three months. It was a pleasure to share the table with the dream team of Century21 Asten. You are phenomenal! The best team in the world!!

Welcome to our new office!

Century21 Asten is getting bigger & better. With a team of 17, and plans to recruit 8 agents more, we are happy to announce our new bigger office to be opened soon in the same location, in the heart of the golden mile of Las Americas in the south of Tenerife. Starting from the 8th of April you can find us at the Compostela Beach building, next to the bank Abanca (formerly Caixa Galicia) right in front of our old premises. A warm welcome!

Century21 Asten in Paris

The 27th National Convention of Century21 France was held in Paris 29-30 March 2015 in Palais des Congrès.
It was a real honor for Century21 Asten represented by Victor Valverde participate in this wonderful event with more than 1300 attendees!!

Golden Victoria

Our new golden jacket club member – Victoria Frolova.
Congratulations with your first sale in Century21 Asten !!!

Century21 Asten visits the 20th Anniversary of Century21 Belgium

Belgium has always been a solid buyer country of the real estate in the South of Tenerife. For years belgian buyers have been purchasing apartments & villas in the island, tending to buy properties in the upper price range. Needless to say, the 20th Anniversary of Century21 in Belgium was a great opportunity to introduce Century21 Asten to the real estate professionals representing 200 agencies from all around Belgium. An event to remember together with Joaquim and Ricardo Sousa (President and CEO of Century21 Iberia), and Rob Clifford (CEO Century21 UK).

Welcome to the "Golden Jacket" club, Niklas & Rumia!

Wounding up the week giving out the golden jackets to our new consultants Niklas Klasson & Rumia Abdulina for their first sales in Century21 Asten. Well done!

№1 Agency in Spain in 2014! The Century21 Iberia convention in Portugal 30-31 of January 2015.

We did it!
On the annual Century21 Iberia Convention (87 agencies in Portugal + 28 agencies in Spain) in Estoril Century21 Asten was announced to be No. 1 office in Spain and No. 2 office in Iberia. A year of hope, passion and dedication of our entire team. No words can express my gratitude to all of you! I appreciate your contribution, empathy and inspiration in making our goals achieved. We are the number One company in Spain, and Victor Valverde gets his Centurion – top recognition at Century21! Thank you all!
This year we have a new clear challenge – to make Century21 Asten an ideal workplace for any real estate agent operating in the south of Tenerife – the dream company to work at! Together we can make it happen!


Announcing the best agents in Spain in October

What can be better than to finish the week finding out that our MARCELO GOMEZ is the TOP AGENT IN SPAIN in the month of October?! Congratulations! A WELL deserved distinction!

Century21 Asten taking part in GOAL conference in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

GOAL in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Recognition of our consultants Victor, Andrea, Graziella, Marcelo and Maria. Marcelo and Artem making themselves a reference in using MySite for all the Century21 Iberia network. Anton’s presentation and coaching. Congratulations to every member of our great team for making Century21 ASTEN achieve the best results!

The very first OPEN HOUSE in the history of Tenerife!

For the first time in history of the real estate market in the South of Tenerife we are making an OPEN HOUSE of one of our exclusive properties in the BAHIA DEL DUQUE area. Everyone interested is welcome to visit this marvelous townhouse and meet our friendly team THIS SATURDAY from 10 till 20.

Today an interview by the major italian newspaper on the island - Vivi Tenerife

A busy weekend in Brussels, charged with work, contacts, meetings, positive emotions and motivation to go even further!

Real estate fair in Belgium

Everything ready for the trip to Belgium.
This week the real estate fair in Brussels!

Century21 Coaching

Today we had a pleasurable visit of the coach of the Century21 Iberia headquarters at our office with a presentation of the new features in the Admin of the website, and the Century21 Mobile App to promote the properties with the exclusive right of sale. Fantastic tools from an agent’s personalized brochure in PDF to automatic market analysis for home owners with a couple of clicks. Thank you Ismael Portero Barra !

First title deeds signed

Today is a big day for our agents Aliya and Marcelo. Their first Title Deeds signed at the Notary. Well done guys! Let them be the first ones of the many to follow!!

Victor Valverde - the TOP agent in July 2014 !

We feel proud to work in a company that today announces its third agent to be named the number 1 agent in Century21 Spain. At the moment there are 28 Century21 agencies in Spain with more than 150 real estate professionals, and THREE of our folks – Artem (in April), Maria (in June) and now Victor have reached the top ranking in the list.
The human factor and level of personalities in Asten in absolutely incredible. Without you guys we wouldn´t reach to the number one agency during these several months. THANKS TEAM !

Asten Village

Starting this August we begin our new campaign ASTEN VILLAGE – giving out these wooden houses to the children of our dear clients.
These houses are hand made in a center of disabled people in Moscow, who are demonstrating an incredible work of precision, quality and heart. Thank you very much! These lights are like the light from your soul…
We are sure these first 100 houses will fly out rapidly, so we will be asking for more houses for our ASTEN Village very soon!!

Maria Simane - the best sales manager in Spain in June!

In June our manager Maria Simane topped the list of the best agents of Century21 Spain.
Her relations with clients, imaginative approach and ability to find a compromise made her an example for all the 22 Century21 agencies in Spain. Thanks to managers like Maria, Asten keeps leading the list of the best Century21 agencies in the country.

Top 3 in May

Two of our sales managers are in Top 3 in May.
We are proud of you, Andrea and Maria!
Thanks to you this month Century21 Asten continues to be the best Century21 agency in Spain.

New victories - new "goldens"

This spring was marked with another record in sales and, as a result, with the presentation of the Century 21 golden jackets to our best sales managers – Victor Valverde, Art Popov, Juan Palmero (you don´t work with us any more but are a part of our history), Maria Simane, Andrea Kern and Anna Severinova.
Bravo, guys!
My most sincere congratulations!

Number 1 in Spain in the first 4 months of 2014.

Century 21 Asten is the NUMBER 1 agency in Century21 Spain in the first 4 months of 2014 !
Artem Popov is the BEST manager of Century 21 Spain in April 2014.
Victor Valverde – 4th position in Spain.
Maria Simane – 5th position in Spain.

Congratulations! This is where the work begins!

Are buying or selling in Tenerife?

Are buying or selling in Tenerife?
Please call in to talk to our friendly team!
Our office is on the “golden mile” in the center of Las Americas close to the musical fountains.
We are open from 10 to 14, and from 16 to 20 from Monday to Friday and from 10 to 14 on Saturday.
We will be happy to see you!

Awarding the first "golden jackets".

The 23rd of January is a special day for our sales team. As we awarded the “golden jackets” for the first completed sales in Century 21 Asten. Congratulations!

Inauguration of the first CENTURY 21 office in Tenerife

Century21 set sail in Tenerife. The article from the Island Connections.

“We will change the real estate market in Tenerife.” – those were the words of Anton Sorokko, the general director of the Century21 Asten, the first Tenerife’s Century21 broker opened on the 22nd of November in the heart of Playa de Las Americas. The grand opening at the Oasis commercial center on Tenerife’s golden mile gathered nearly a hundred guests. Among them was the President of Century21 Iberia Mr. Ricardo Sousa, general directors of Century21 offices in Barcelona, the Arona notary Mr. Nicolas Castilla, real estate agents, contractors, clients, family and friends.

Century21 is a well-established leader in real estate all around the globe, with every 5th property sale made through one of the 7.250 agencies that bear its logo. In 2012 Century21 was named the most easily recognized name in real estate. Which is no wonder considering that with 3.500 agencies in the US, where it has been operating since 1971, the brand has been actively expanding ever since. It is now presented in 73 countries, with 1.000 agencies in France, 190 agencies in Belgium, 1.500 agencies in China, 60 agencies in Russia to name a few. Century21 is the market leader in Mexico, and sell stocks on Japanese and Chinese Stock Exchanges. The last two years the brand has been expanding in Spain.

What is the secret of such a long-term success? The secret is the people. The brand chooses the best professionals in the area, real estate companies with a genuine knowledge of the local market, clear focus on the needs of their customers, and dedication to excellence in their work. “Century21 recruits heroes,” – confirms Ricardo Sousa. The team at Century21 Asten is making records sales in 2013, speaks all major languages, and for years has been providing top quality services to its clients.

So how is Century21 agent is different from all the other agents? That was the question we asked at the grand opening last Friday.

“My main client is the home owner, – says Artem Popov, a sales manager at Century21 Asten with a 8 year sales experience. – This is where I build relations of trust and credibility. I need my owner to know that I am there when he needs me. It is only Century21 that gives added value to the homeowner with professional marketing research, tailor-made advertisement, legal and tax advice, and my job is to bring it to a very personal level.”

“We are looking for homeowners who are motivated to sell, – continues Marcello Dodi another Century21 Asten member, who has recorded the fastest sale in the company – 5 days between the listing and the deposit paid. – What we give in return is the promise to sell their property within 6 months. When we have an exclusive right to sell, we sell it. How we do it? Let us meet in our office in Oasis commercial center, and I will explain.”

“Our goal is simple, – clarifies Maria Simane of Century21 Asten, who has just signed a sale of a 3-bed townhouse in El Rincon, Los Cristianos. – It is to create a habit, where every time an owners thinks of selling his home, the first real estate agent he or she thinks of is Century21 Asten. We want to become the agent of choice in the area. When I think of the best espresso in town, I go to Cappuccino bar in El Camison. When I think of selling my apartment, I call Century21 Asten.”

If everything is clear with the orientation towards homeowners, what is happening with the buyers? Where is Century21 Asten going to get them from?

“We have a well-established flow of buyers that our company has been always known for, – explains Anton Sorokko. – Most of them come from Russia, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland. We own a major web site in Russian language that is in the top3 rankings on Russian search engines, and receives 60.000 visits per month. That is a fantastic tool to generate buyers. Now, having acquired the right to use the Century21 brand, we receive yet a more powerful tool – the global Century21 website at, that will provide enormous publicity to our homeowners and generate buyer flow from all around the world.”

“When we sit and talk with buyers, we clarify and qualify their needs, – says Victor Valverde, a member of Century21 Asten team with a 15 year real estate experience. – When we know what they want, we only offer them the products that match their criteria. So when we show up with buyers at the front door, our homeowners are sure that they meet genuine buyers, who have clear understanding of what they want, are motivated to buy, have money at hand, and are ready to pay the deposit on the very same day.“

Century 21 Asten has big plans for the south of Tenerife. There are four offices to be open during the coming year to cover the area from Los Gigantes to El Medano. At the moment Century 21 Asten is looking for independent contractors to work with homeowners and buyers, as well as for the owners willing to sell their properties.

“The job of selling homes has never been easy, – smiles Graziella Belmonte, an elegant Century21 Asten sales manager specializing in Los Gigantes area. – But we love this job, and are proud to play the key role of bringing people together to make the dream of homeownership come true!”

Every agency is legally and financially independent.

Century21 Asten at BARCELONA MEETING POINT 2013

In October 2013 we took part in the biggest Real Estate fair in Spain – Barcelona Meeting Point.

Are you buying or selling in Tenerife?

Are buying or selling in Tenerife?
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